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The Werkgroep Pleistocene Zoogdieren (or WPZ) is the Dutch Association for the Study of Pleistocene Mammals. The association and its members focus on collecting and studying fossil mammals from the Pleistocene. Our remarkable key factor is that amateur and professional palaeontologists work closely together. The fossil finds are regularly presented at our meetings. Descriptions of the finds also appear in our magazine Cranium that is distributed in the Netherlands and abroad, thereby spreading knowledge of (Dutch) Pleistocene mammals across the world. This also provides the opportunity for meetings and excursions outside of the Netherlands, thereby creating the possibility for further exchange of information on Pleistocene mammals.


Our annual fees are € 25. Membership includes:

  • our biannual magazine Cranium
  • invitations to our meetings that are held four times a year in various museums and nature centres in the Netherlands, and Belgium
  • the opportunity to participate in excursions to interesting sites in the Netherlands and abroad
  • the chance to work together with other amateur and professional palaeontologists

We also offer a Family Membership for € 10, per family member (of a regular member) per year. Family members are allowed to accompany regular members at our meetings and excursions.

You may register for membership here.


Cranium is our biannual magazine. With an average of 50 pages, each issue is filled with articles on a variety of subjects, such as evolution of mammals, skeletal morphology, paleo-ecology, spectacular finds, news from the palaeontological field and book reviews.These articles are written by members of the WPZ and other authors from the Netherlands and abroad.

A Cranium subscription costs € 25 per year. You may register here.
To learn more about Cranium and paper contributions, please continue reading here.


You may direct all your questions via e-mail to info@pleistocenemammals.com, or directly at one of our board members.

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